Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Day #1 Wear Red

Red Ribbon Day #2 Favorite Jersey

Cowboy fans from McBride’s class

Cowboy fans from Ms. Smith’s class

Cowboy fans from Mrs. Owen’s class

Cowboy fans from Mrs. Brantley’s class

Cowboy fans from Mrs. McFall’s class

Red Ribbon Day #3 Storybook Character Day

Red Ribbon Day #4 Pajama Day

Red Ribbon Day #5 Roughneck Spirit Day

Week of November 4th-8th

I can’t believe it is November already.  For Math this week we will be focusing on finding the volume of a rectangular prism and a cube.  We will take our Spelling Test Review 9 on Friday, November 8th and listen to each other’s “Spooky Stories”. We also have make-up pictures on November 8th for those who weren’t able to make the first ones. In case you have lost the spelling words, they are as follows:

its, people, world, important, picture, since, across, it’s toward, built, strong, river, simple, build, clear, energy, circle, straight, they’re, bright, sent, present, plan and rather

October 28 through November 1st

We have a lot going on this week.  First, it is red ribbon week and I am looking forward to all the different outfits from teachers and students.  Monday is wear red.  Tuesday is wear your favorite jersey, we will also have our awards on this day.  Wednesday is dress like a storybook character and it is also a half-day.  Thursday is wear school appropriate pajamas.  Friday is Roughneck Spirit day.

For Math we will work on solving for quotients of decimals to the hundredths, up to four-digit dividends and two-digit whole number divisors, using strategies and algorithms, including the standard algorithm.  

The students will get their spelling review #9 list on Monday and we will test on these words on Friday, November 8th. Friday, November 1sr, they should be able to upload their spooky story on their blog that they have been working on.

It’s going to be a great week, looking forward to this week.  Remember if you need anything, don’t hesitate to email me, [email protected]

October 21-25

For Math we will be working on decimal division 5.3 F.  For ELA we will continue our roll a spooky halloween story.  Monday is a student holiday, so we will begin our next nine weeks on October 22nd.  We will also do our spelling review 8 test on Friday October 25th.

You will have several notes come home today, they will include information about the changes in Intermediate Award Assemblies and changes to eating lunch with your children.  You will also receive a flyer about Red Ribbon Week which will be next week.  I am looking forward to seeing all the dressing up….  Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!

Week of October 21st-25th

Monday is a student holiday while the teacher’s will work on finalizing the last 9 weeks and getting prepared for the following 9 weeks.  We hope you enjoy your 3 day weekend.

Math this week will be focused on 5.3F modeling and dividing decimals. We will also have our spelling test on Friday.  The words are on the previous post as well as in their planners.  If you need them again, please email me and I will send you the list.

Week of October 14th-October 18th

For Math we will be reviewing Monday and Tuesday for their first common assessment.  We have worked really hard and I have lots of confidence in our students they will conquer this assessment.  It will cover place value, comparing and ordering numbers, multiplication and division, PEMDAS.  The Common Assessment will be given on Wednesday.

I will also staple their new spelling words in their planner on Monday, October 14th.  These words will be tested on October 28th.  They are as follows:

























I hope everyone has a blessed weekend.

Unit 6 Spelling Words

their, than, its, only, through, work, thought, work, thought, sure, morning, later, course, earlier, able, perhaps, beautiful, watched, happened, explain, straight, mountain, caught, hair, bird, wood

Our next spelling test will be on Thursday, September 26th.

Week of September 2nd

Monday is a school holiday, enjoy your three day weekend.  This week for Math we will work on rounding decimals to the tenths and hundredths.  In ELA, we will focus on subjects and predicates in sentences; how to recognize and create them.  Tuesday they will write their spelling words in their planner to start studying for their second spelling test.  The spelling test will be on September 11th.  Please check your child’s planner to ensure they have the words written down correctly.  The spelling words are as follows:  there’s, their, then, than, who’s, often, answers, I’m, perhaps, notice, that’s, beautiful, watch, friends, music, single, explain, travel, wrote, farm, circle, whose, they’re, there

Week of August 26th

This week in Math we will be working on comparing and ordering decimals through the thousandths.  Encourage your child to “stack them up and line them up” before they put them in order.  For ELA we will cover collective nouns and I am looking forward to seeing all their collective noun posters.  We will also be testing on our spelling words on August 28th.  The spelling words are as follows:  it’s, groups, several, they’re, listen, follow, ask, single, sure, clear, its, together, build, written, their, first, most, there, does, face, surface, grew and among.  Not only do they need to know how to spell them but they also need to know how to use them correctly in sentences.

Week of August 19th

This week in Math we will be covering place value from the hundred billions all the way to the thousandths.  You will probably hear them singing the place value rap.   For ELA we will be covering irregular verbs and how to correctly use them.  Our spelling test will be next week.