Meet Ms. Smith




My name is Melody Smith. I graduated top ten from Longview High School in 1997. I also graduated from University of Houston in 2002 as a Cum Laude graduate with Mathematics and Early Childhood as my specializations. My list of certifications are as follows: K-12 Special Education, PK-8 Self-Contained, PK-K Handicapped, ESL PK-12 and Gifted and Talented PK-12. I have started working on my masters degree in Primary Mathematics Education and will hopefully finish soon.

Of my years teaching, four of these years were spent teaching kindergarten. I have also been an ESL resource teacher for first through fifth grades. I taught third grade at White Oak Intermediate for two years, and before that, I taught a combo class of first and second graders with gifted first graders and average second graders. I have also taught many students sign language throughout my teaching career. I am currently the special education resource teacher for grades 3-5 at White Oak Intermediate.

My hobbies include reading, swimming, listening to music, watching movies, playing pool, bowling, going to Dallas Cowboys games and playing with my pets. I have four dogs. My oldest dog is a chihuahua named Precious who is twelve years old. My next dog is a chihuahua named Elsie who is Precious’ daughter. She looks like a miniature cow! My next dog is a min pin named Ace who will be three in November. My youngest dog is a weenie dog named Cookie who will be one in December. I also have two ferrets, Ellie and Oliver. They are so funny. Ellie is an escape artist and Oliver is a shoe thief. All of my pets are very special and near to my heart!!!

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